20 Things You Will Lose From Meditation Part 2

20 things you will lose from meditation (part 2)

This is the second part of a four article series. You can find the first part HERE> 20 Things You Will Lose From Meditation Part 1

Below are the second lot of five things you will lose from consistent meditation practice-

Insecurity & Doubt-

Meditation will help you to find an identity & get rid of insecurities. Deep down inside of you, you know what you want. You may not know exactly how you will get there, but you know what you want out of life. It’s the layers put on you by society norms, friends, family, school & all other well-wishing people that confuse you. Meditation will help you to remove those layers & search deep for your true purpose & meaning while removing the doubt that has been put there by others.

When you find purpose in life, anything is possible & while a little doubt is normal, if it is taking over your life meditation will help you to keep your niggling insecurities in check.

Fear of failure-

“Failure is temporary, but quitting is permanent.”

Anyone who has ever achieved anything worthwhile will have failed multiple times to get there. You are no different. Don’t look at failure as a bad thing, but just as another step on the path to your ultimate goal. It’s all part of the journey, part of the learning curve & meditation will help you to put this into perspective.

This goes hand in hand with insecurity & doubt, because once you remove those layers of insecurity & you actually know what you want out of life you can relentlessly move towards that goal failing forward until you finally reach your true purpose.

Resentment & Blame

Meditation gives you accountability in your life & helps you to realize that if something is not going right for you, the only person you can hold responsible for that is yourself. You can resent & blame people who have hurt you, but as a result the only person you punish is yourself. Taking responsibility is a gift; it gives you empowerment & control over your life. Whereas blame & resentment just takes that power away.

People will come into your life, some will leave you with good memories others will leave you with bad ones. But ultimately you will always have the choice over the way you react to these people & whether they remain in your life or not. Either in person or in spirit.


Hatred like resentment & blame will only punish you. You may feel like you are quitting or being soft when forgiving someone, but you are not. You are taking the power & control away from them & taking full responsibility for your life. Meditation will give you the ability to forgive & move on with your life no matter how badly you have been wronged.

To forgive is one of the toughest things a person can do & in some circumstances you may believe that it is impossible. But when you let go of the pain they have caused the only person to benefit is yourself.

Forgiveness in all cases does not mean you have to let the person back in your life it just means you are accepting what they have done & moving on.


Meditation will help you to find meaning in the things you want & also focus on what you need over what you want. I am not saying there is anything wrong with wanting nice things, but when you go out mindlessly consuming things you don’t need just to satisfy some uncontrollable urge the only people that suffer are you & those you are buying for.

For example most people, if asked would want more money, but only a tiny percentage would know what they would do with it. Wanting something without any meaning will bring only temporary & meaningless satisfaction & you will only be trying to fill a void that consuming cannot fill. Meditation helps you to focus on what is important & not just want thing for the sake of having them.


Thanks for reading, this article is part 2 of a 4 part article series on what you can lose from meditation. READ PART 1 HERE. In the next article I will be revealing another 5 things you can lose from meditation. Number 4 on the list is something that you will have experienced & could be experiencing right now. It’s a touchy subject that so many people get wrong & I will reveal more info about that in the next article.

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