About Potential For Change

Luke Miller

My name is Luke Miller I am the creator of Potential For Change. I am a spiritual life hacker, which in a nut shell means I combine spiritual techniques like meditation, visualisation and being conscious with life hacks which include anything which allows me to perform just that little bit better!

I have found that these 2 areas complement each other really well and I would argue that being spiritually connected is probably the most effective life hack there is!

I like to take what I have learnt and turn it into actionable information so I can teach people like yourself how to live life on your terms, perform at your peak and create a happy fulfilling existence!

The aim of this blog is to meet up and connect with awesome people with similar goals and I think the only way I can do that is by not holding back, giving my best stuff away on a daily basis and showing you that you can always get that extra edge in life.

I originally tried to confine this idea into the box of spirituality, but the message I have cannot be contained within that restricted area, so you can expect me to speak about anything that falls under the 4 areas of health- Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical, with a heavy emphasis on spirituality being the foundations for great health.

I am a very spiritual guy and believe that there is a higher power that we are all connected to, I believe in love, compassion, empathy and kindness- but with that said, this is not going to be an overly spiritual lovey dovey kind of place.

Alongside these beliefs, I also believe in commitment, dedication and sacrifice if you are ever going to live the type of life you can, and should be living. So the secondary goal of this blog is to show you how you can take this information, apply it and go out and live life on your terms.

I will be hacking my body and mind, sharing the results and giving you actionable information that you can use to push yourself forward. What I share may not work for you and will only ever have a chance of working if you have the right attitude and are willing to sacrifice in order to move forward.

What I am not, is an overly motivational guy who thinks life is all about the grind, if that way works for you then great, but for me I sometimes like to sit on my chill out while watching Game Of Thrones and eating pizza- we all have our route to enlightenment this is mine and for those of you who resonates with this style- come on in and join the fun!

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