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Anxiety, ADHD And Accidentally Starting To Meditate

Anxiety, ADHD And Accidentally Starting To Meditate By Luke Miller Happiness Is Not A Place You Arrive At When All The Problems Disappear, It’s An Attitude That That Carries You Through The Good And The Bad! “Luke Miller” For the first time in my life I just consciously processed myself not feeling anxious. This was what…

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Potential For Change

5 Societal Illusions That We Accept As Reality

A lot of the world we see around us is an illusion. If you take any piece of solid matter and put it under a microscope it loses its solidity. If you take a look at the colour spectrum, what we see compared to what actually exists is miniscule. If you take your view of…

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Seven Solutions To Supercharge Your Morning Routine Potential For Change

Seven Solutions To Supercharge Your Morning Routine

Seven Solutions To Supercharge Your Morning Routine By Luke Miller Being successful is no accident and while many may think getting up at 4AM and ploughing through your work like a mad man is the answer, I’m here to tell you that there is a lot more prep that goes into crafting the perfect day…

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7 Steps To A More Purposeful Life

Would you like more purpose in your life? Would you like to wake up every morning to a more fulfilling, meaningful & passionate existence? In this article I am going to give you a beautifully simple step by step plan to manifesting a more purposeful life & at the end I am also going to…

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Spoken Word- Bad Side Of The Earth- Potential For Change

Spoken Word- The Bad Side Of The Earth

The bad side of the earth- Spoken Word Lyrics There’s a bad side to the earth it’s the elephant in the room. Politicians with secret agendas who support corporations spreading doom. Under represented people normal people like me & you. Who are led by the minority, by the greedy, by the few. Abuses of power,…

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