Random Acts Of Kindness- God Sent Me To You

Random Acts Of Kindness- God Sent Me To You. This video is great because it shows how a small act on your part can create a huge impact on someone else’s.

If you think of the ripple effect a random acts of kindness can cause, it can be huge, you do something kind for one person in turn they do something kind for someone else & the cycle continues.

1 random act of kindness does not only effect you & the person in question it can become a wave of kindness effecting a handful of people to millions of people. Watch this video & make sure you do good for others because what the world need is more people being true to themselves & showing their true kind hearted nature!

A random act of kindness doen’t have to be money related like in this video, it could be a smile, a compliment or anything you have to offer. So if you are going to do anything out of the ordinary today make it a random oct of kindness!!!