Russell Brands Revolution

Russell Brands Revolution

Russell Brands Revolution

I don’t know your opinion on Russell Brand, but I happen to like him, I think he’s contributing to the planet & sharing knowledge on subjects that most people do not make time to research.

By his own admission, he does not have all the answers. But neither to the people who are in charge & it’s actually their job to have the answers.

I believe that if we stand up, raise our awareness, do our best to be good people & stand up for ourselves & those around us that there is a chance for a peaceful solution to some of the problems we are facing in our current systems.

I think spirituality holds some of the answers to this complex puzzle we are trying to piece together & while a lot of spiritual practice is very self-serving I believe when we learn to take care of our own bodies & minds we become better at serving others.

The truth is we cannot heal others unless we are first healed, so the only way to contribute to this single cell that we are all a part of called earth is to be the change that we want to see! There is Potential For Change!

In this video Russell Brand talks about consciousness, meditation, spiritualty & revolutionary stuff.

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