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I want to help you unlock your gifts and tune into your spiritual calling!

Do you feel a lack of direction or focus? Have you spent a lot of time searching without really knowing what you are searching for? Do you want to know why you are here, and find your true life purpose? 

If yes, I want to help you!

My name is Luke Miller and I am a writer, content creator and curator. Since 2015 I have been responsible for the creation of content that has reached over 10 million people and the curation of content that has reached well over 100 million people. During this time my work and seeking of knowledge led me to many corners of the globe, with the majority of time being spent in the Amazonian Rain forest in Peru. During this time I went through an initiatory process with an English Shaman, 3 Indigenous Shipibo shaman and many mystics and mirrors along the way. This happen incrementally over a 13 month period with a psychoactive brew called Ayahuasca, which was the most profound of my teachers. This led to an awakening of an ability to psychically interpret energies and learn the language of numerology. The ability to interpret numerology was unlocked in my first Ayahuasca ceremony over a single night. When this happened it completely shifted my perspective on what is possible and furthered my curiosity and thirst for knowledge. What followed this awakening was the opposite of what I expected as it led me into a string of episodes of dark night of the soul (spiritual crisis) which only lessened the more I shared myself with the world. After some deep shadow work I came out the other side with more of an understanding of the full spectrum of being human. My calling is to be in service of humanity and to help as many beings as I can along the way. I have pooled together this initiation with 10 years of study of psychology and spirituality to do that.

I want to help you to reach your true potential and find your life purpose, so you can live the life you love. I do this by blending numerology, practical psychology, mysticism and symbolism. We all have the potential for change and you are no different. Below you will find out how I can help you:

My Services 


Psychology Meets Spirituality- Secrets To A Supercharged Life You Control! (Email Signup Needed) DOWNLOAD HERE

33 Ways To Be Happy Healthy & Spiritually Connected (No Optin Needed) DOWNLOAD HERE

Free Training

Tuning Into The Natural Laws Of The Universe (Email Signup Needed) SIGN UP FOR THE FREE TRAINING HERE

Meditation Music

Music (By Donation) For every donation over $10 a tree is planted in the Amazonian Rain forest.

Zen Tracks brand new innovative audio technology allows you to experience deep meditation in just minutes…. GET STARTED HERE

The Tuning In To The Natural Laws Of The Universe 7 Day Sound Healing System was created to align you with the natural laws of nature. It uses carefully blended frequencies, nature sounds and the golden tone of 432Hz in each track. This system includes 7 meditation tracks which progressively work with your mind, body and spirit and are tuned to sounds that are in harmony with the natural frequencies of the universe. GET STARTED HERE

Video Workshop

For every purchase 2 trees are planted in the Amazonian Rain forest.

Using Numbers As A Language To Make Sense Of The World (1 Hour Workshop Price $33)

Numbers are literally the code for everything in our known existence... With that in mind, do you think that numbers can also be used as a code for you? JOIN HERE


For every purchase 5 trees are planted in the Amazonian Rain forest.

Are you ready to share your gift with the world? You have a reason for being here, and I would like to help you remove the distractions and tune into that reason. I use a combination of psychology, intuition and spiritual techniques to help you tune into your spiritual gifts so you can share them with the world. If you are ready to take your life to the next level book in a session.

Free 15 minute consultation available email

Spiritual Coaching (1 hour session $144) GET STARTED HERE

For those who really want to dive deep, unlock your gifts and tune into your spiritual calling! I have a special 3 month coaching programme, which includes 5 hours of one on one sessions and email support.

Spiritual Coaching (5 hours of sessions $555) GET STARTED HERE (Payment Plans Available On Request)

You Will Receive An Email Upon Booking For How You Access The Call

Wow, wow, wow. That’s all I can say. That reading was like nothing I have ever had. It was unexpected and like nothing I’ve ever experienced. You’re so sweet and unassuming but the way you tap into people’s soul meaning astounds me. It was like a soul blueprint and everyone should have one. I’ll recommend you fully as a necessity.

- kim Villanueva

Numerology Reading 

For every purchase 5 trees are planted in the Amazonian Rain forest.

Hidden within your name, date of birth and age is a code which can help unlock your life calling and connect you to your higher self. This is something I would like to to decode for you and share my findings.

Basic Birth Date Numerology live 30 minutes session $77 BOOK YOUR CALL IN HERE

Advanced Birth/Name Numerology live 1-1:30 hour session $144 BOOK YOUR CALL IN HERE

You Will Receive An Email Upon Booking For How You Access The Call

The reading was a good reminder for me to take the time to keep caring for myself on all levels.  It was also nice to see how my numbers lined up with who I am. I found comfort in seeing that my life choices have lined up with my path. 

Shannon Rudko

Email Services/Readings

For every purchase 1, 2 or 3 trees are planted in the Amazonian Rain forest (depending on which option you choose).

Hidden within symbolism of cards you can find clarity about the direction of your life. I use shamanistic Oracle cards to help you find this clarity. With email readings we explore a question you need answering in your life. I will then put the intention into the cards and send you the findings in relation  to your question.

1 card email Oracle reading. This is 1 question and one answer to the issue you are facing $11 

3 card email Oracle reading. This will go into the past, present and future of your issue $22 

7 card email Oracle reading. This reading we will delve into your past, present and future. With the following 4 cards revealing what needs to be let go of, what part of you needs to die, the wisdom you must acquire and your potential destiny. 7 card Oracle reading $55 

Email Oracle Reading

What you see matters. I can help you to interpret the symbols you see repetitively. These can come in the form of dreams, animals, recurring synchronicity and numbers. If you need an interpretation of any symbols you see, I can do this via email (can also be done on a live call by demand) The cost of this interpretation is $55 SIGN UP NOW

Conscious Business Consultancy

If you have a business idea that you think can make the world a better place then I would love to hear from you. It can be an idea, all the way up to a fully formed and profitable business. I have a background in marketing, have launched multiple products online and helped to build a media brand which has reached 75 million people in the last 3 years.

If you are looking for someone to help with your accounts, then I am not the guy. But if you need help with ideas, writing and/or market planning I may be able to help. If this is something you would like help with send me an email with the details to

No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

All live readings come with a money back guarantee. Should you be unhappy once the reading is complete , please request a refund at the end of the reading. Once you have booked in, please keep a note of your time and remember to turn up to the call. If for any reason you cannot make it please give me 24 hours notice. Missed calls without proper notice are not refundable or transferable, so please turn up to avoid disappointment.


Cynthia Codoner  Cynthia Codoner 

The session with Luke was more than I could expect and definitely gave me more clarity than any online reading I have had. Luke does an amazing job at using his gift and looking deep into your personal numerological makeup. During this session I was able to gain perspective about my past, my present, and potential future. I’m so grateful to Luke for being a catalyst for deeper self understanding and purpose. 

Jill Siragusa Jill Siragusa

Luke – THANK YOU for a brilliant reading this morning. The numerology aspect of your reading was something new to me.  The things you talked about were fascinating and also rang true! Too bad we only had an hour… I could talk with you and ask questions all day.  On the ‘technical’ side – your reading was well-organized and you kept things moving at just the right pace. I greatly appreciated having time to ask questions and your thoughtful, clear and concise answers.  The analogies you provided were excellent and especially helpful. I thought the price was right and more than fair for all the information you gave. You have a wonderful gift and are blessed with kind, gentle and thoughtful wisdom and communication skills.  Thank you so much for sharing that with me. 

Thank you so much for your time and honesty Luke. I was surprised at how open I was, which is a testament to your kind and loving nature.

It felt really good to open up and talk about stuff which has been locked away for a while. I even linked some things as we were speaking.

- Phil Diggs

"The numerological reading with Luke resonated very strongly with me and the intuitive but often vague ideas about my mission and life purpose. Many aspects were reaffirmed, got clearer or more concrete, and even some new possibilities came up. Luke is a very authentic, practical and down to earth guy who only speaks out of his own experience or intuitive insights and puts it into context (instead of just repeating conventional text book information). All in all a very sound, consistent and pleasant experience"

- John-Oliver Breckoff

Hey Luke- Cheers mate!I bought your binaural beats and use them often. My sleep quality is better when I use them before bed. It is also good to take the edge off during a stressy day. Just wanted to say keep up the good work, what you are doing really makes a difference in people’s lives.

Carey Ott- Musician,

I have to say that the track that you shared with the water and the light piano is ((absolutely beautiful!)) And it does bring a person to a meditative state. I look forward to downloading the rest of your music. I'm a very experience person when it comes to meditation, and spirituality, but I've never really used music to get me there. You've opened up my eyes just a little bit more to this and I am appreciative<3 Your genuineness, and openness will yield a great reward! Your friend, Shane


Hey Luke. Just wanted to send some feed back about your meditation music. first and foremost, thank you so much, it was absolutely incredible. there is nothing I would change about it.

I have to say that this music helped my meditation a great a deal and this brought me a new found sense of calmness and peace, both in general and inner peace.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to sample your work, I look forward to your future videos. They are both fantastic and inspiring. Please, keep up the awesome work, you have definitely found your calling my friend! Blessing to you!


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