Spring Equinox Numerology: What We Can Expect From The Start Of This New Season

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I posted this on my Facebook earlier today and had some numerology I wanted to add to this post:

“Absolutely loving life and all it keeps bringing! Big lessons this weekend, really finding some clarity with everything and the best way to move forward and be best of service. Today is also the first day of spring and I love how perfectly everything has lined up for this magical adventure to continue.

A big lesson to remember is life is seasonal and if you are feeling 100% invincible, like your life is a complete mess or any of the infinite variables in between, remember that no state is permanent, and when we allow all to flow in the natural accordance with the laws of nature we really flourish.

Life is beautiful, even in the pain as it allows you to view everything through a different lens and really work on yourself.

May all the seeds you have been sowing bloom this spring!!! Much love to you all!!!”

Now for the numerology and how I think we can best move forward should we really want our seeds to flourish this spring:

Today is the 20th of the 3rd month 2017 starting with 20- 20 is 2 with the power of the 0 behind it, if you think of 2 as a stand alone number having the 0 present is like adding a magnifying glass and really highlighting the importance of the 2. 2 in this case is about balance and how important it is in this moment of potential manifestation to have this inner balance.

When you are balanced you know what it is that is important and what it is you that you need to help you forward on this often complicated journey of life. The 0 really drills this home and highlights this issue, so should you be feeling the pinch maybe it is time to reflect on why you may be feeling unbalanced.

3 is the month and relates to the 2, if 2 is about balance, then 3 is the method of finding balance and it really can always be broken down to one (or more) of these areas should you be feeling disbalanced. 3 represents mind, body and soul and at times we often neglect one in place of the other, when true balance comes from shining the light on all areas and finding a method for moving forwards.

2017 is the year and continues with the cycle of new beginnings 2+0+1+7=10 and 10 is the end of the single number sequence and the start of a new sequence, a metaphor for a new beginning with the 1 representing the self and the 0 being that highlighter of importance we spoke about earlier.


The next number we get is 60 by adding 20 03 20 and 17 again this is the zero with the same meaning. But also 6 which is god or your representation of god. Basically the creator, this could be science or whatever it is you believe created us and all around us. With deep reflection upon this and the asking of help from this source we can empower ourselves in the mind, body and spirit… to find balance, with each of the areas having a 0 to accompany them to really make the point.

The last number is 2+3+2+1+7=15 which is godly consciousness (5) being brought to the self (1) this is what happens when we manage to merge the mind, body and soul. It is a perfect time as it is the start of spring and a time to move into growth and development. Now is a time for manifestation and moving your forward ideas into action. You can sign up for a reading from me specifically for mind, body, spirit and action! If this is something that is calling you, please take a look at the options below:

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This works as past, present and guidelines for future potential. I stress guidelines as I hold no power over your future only you can move in the direction of your true purpose, however, it is my belief that there is significant information embedded within our numerological code that can work as a guideline.


I will also offer your life purpose number, this is not always worked out in the same way and works with intuition and your entire birth chart. Sometimes it is multiple numbers. This is (or can be) different from the single digit life path number many numerologists give during readings (it is my own system).


The second option is a name report, each of your names holds 2-6 numbers which when correctly interpreted can give you a deeper understanding of your essence. Your life path number is your reason for being here. Your name is you, who you are, and what you stand for. Again this works as guidance and potential, not always what you are currently living.


Option 3 is Tarot, I have Tarot Revolution cards called Hexon 2.0 and they are very powerful and accurate, again I interpret them in my own way, so maybe a little different from any reading you have had before. Meaning I don’t interpret them through an instruction manual, but based on my intuitive feel, which differs from person to person. These will be drawn specifically with mind, body, soul and action in mind. One card for each.


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