what does meditation do for you”

20 Things You Will Lose From Meditation Part 1

“Buddha was asked, “What have you gained from meditation”. He replied, nothing. However, I have lost: Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Insecurity & Fear of old age and Death.”

What have you gained from meditation

I believe that human beings are born pure & full of love. You may experience something at an early stage of your life that sends you on a good or bad path but in those first moments of life all you need is to express love and in return be loved and cared for.

So when people ask me “what does meditation do for you?” or “What do you gain from it?” I usually respond by telling them that there is a lot more to lose by meditating than there is to gain.

Below is my list of five things you will lose if you start to add meditation into your regular routine-


A lot, but not all illness is born in the mind & just about all illness is due to the conscious or unconscious decisions that we make in our lives, like the food we eat, the amount of sleep we get & the habits we choose. Meditation helps you to realise this, it gives you the accountability to take charge of your health decisions & helps you to use your inbuilt intuition to make good health conscious choices.

It also builds up your immunity to infectious illnesses like colds & flu- According to a study from Psychosomatic Medicine, they gave flu shots to volunteers who had meditated for eight weeks and to people who hadn’t meditated at all. Blood tests taken later showed the meditation group had higher levels of antibodies produced against the flu virus in comparison to those who did not meditate.


Like sickness & illness weight is put on through bad health choices regardless of if you know you are making them or not. Regular meditation gets you back in tune with your body & helps you to make better decisions about what you put in your body. You cannot go wrong with natural organic healthy food with no more than 1 ingredient. Foods in this group make up all the nutrition your body could ever need. Meditation will help you to gravitate towards the good stuff & avoid the bad!

Although there is not a lot of scientific research directly linking meditation to weight loss it has been linked to being more present or conscious & binge eating is a very unconscious act. The more aware you are of your bad habits the better you will be at correcting them, this can only lead to a more healthy & fulfilling life for you.


Anger can be a very unconscious behaviour, like when you lose your temper. This is not a well thought out process; it’s a snap usually due to a build-up of unrelated & unresolved problems. Meditation on the other hand is a very conscious process that teaches you to be present & in the moment. It also helps you to confront & deal with your problems, leaving you with less unresolved issues to be angry about. With that being said a bit of anger when necessary is healthy & it is a lot healthier to express anger when it is called for than to suppress it. But too much anger on the other hand is a very unhealthy state to be in & meditation will reduce this unnecessary anger!


Anxiety is a very normal emotional response to certain situations, to remove anxiety completely from your life would be impossible unless you have a psychological disorder that stops you feeling certain emotions. But the clinging to anxiety which turns into chronic anxiety is very unhealthy & can be resolved through meditation. Meditation will help you to understand that the anxious feeling inside of you is normal & when it shows up you shouldn’t try to avoid it but try to understand why you’re feeling it & let it pass.


Depression like anxiety is normal in small doses & meditation will help you to embrace these moments of depression & to use them for deep & meaningful reflection. Negative emotions are a sign telling you that something is not right & as long as you are breathing there will always be issues that you need to resolve. It’s about dealing with them as they come up & not dwelling on them. Some of the most productive moments in life are born after a day of honest reflection or even after moments of hopelessness when you feel like giving up all together.

We all have these moments regardless of how positive & optimistic you are you cannot avoid pain & suffering. It is something that is part of every human being on the planet & meditation will help you to align with your emotions not avoid them.

The science for anger, anxiety & depression comes from another study from Psychosomatic Medicine, when they taught a group of 90 cancer patient’s meditation. After seven weeks, those who had meditated reported that they had significantly decreased their levels of depression, anxiety & anger compared to a second group which hadn’t practiced meditation. The meditators also had more energy and less physical health problems than the group that did not meditate.

Thanks for reading this article! It is part one of a four part series on what meditation can help you to lose. In the next article I will be revealing five more things you will lose as a result of meditation number five on the list is pretty controversial & probably something a lot of people would deny feeling. But yet it is something that is evident & very present in most of us at some level.

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