Meditation is the foundations for good health

20 Things You Will Lose From Meditation Part 3

20 Things You Will Lose From Meditation Part 3

Meditation is the foundations for good health & when you add it to your routine small miracles start to happen! But when I first started out, I started with the intention of meditation bringing more value to my life. It turns out it didn’t really bring me much at all, but what it did do was remove some of the layers from my past that where holding me back.

This is the third article on what I have lost from meditation, & that’s really what meditation is all about, not what you gain or what value it can add. It’s more a stripping back, a removal of the layers & bringing you back to your natural state.

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Below are 5 more things you will lose as a result of meditation-


There can be a fine line between optimism & delusion & while I’m all for aiming high & living your dreams. There is a difference between closing your eyes & hoping your life will change & going out there & taking the action steps to create a life you want to live.

I am a strong believer in visualization & positive affirmations, but you will still have to do the work required to get there & when you believe that all you have to do is intensely focus on what you want to get it that is the start of delusion.

The universe does have a strange way of putting opportunities in front of you when you are focused in certain areas of your life, but just because these doors are opened for you doesn’t mean you will not have to walk through them.

Meditation helps to put things into perspective & give you more realistic expectations for life. It also helps you to realize that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. It’s just some of these things will take huge sacrifice of time, effort & money to achieve.

Past pain-

I am not saying that meditation will get rid of past pain, past pain is a part of the person you are today & without it your life would not of unfolded the way that it has.

What meditation does is helps you to understand past pain, look for a silver lining in your past pain & most importantly find meaning from your past pain.

Without trying to sound to negative, one of the only things you can rely on in life is that you will experience pain, usually immense pain. But when this pain has no meaning, it will leave you feeling lost & isolated.

On the other hand if you can turn you’re suffering into a positive, there will be some meaning to it. Lots of people build careers around being able to turn their past experiences into knowledge that will help others suffering similar problems.

Meditation will help you to read between the lines & find meaning from your suffering & use it in more of a positive way.


Meditation is really good for dealing with negativity because when you are mindful of your thoughts & behaviour you have to consciously reflect on things.

When you consciously reflect on things you rationalize them & a lot of negative behaviour is irrational, so while meditation will not completely eradicate negativity it will force you to confront it, understand it & ultimately reduce it.

Meditation is really a shift of focus & while in sitting or breathing meditation you are shifting your focus from everything else onto your breath. Meditation helps you to use this philosophy for your life in general & shift your focus from negative things to positive.


Toxic relationships-

We have all had bad relationships in the past, be it a loving relationship, a friendship, a teacher student relationship or a work relationship. Chances are we will have future relationships that leave us feeling negative.

Meditation is really great for reflecting on these relationships & summing up if they are leaving you with positive or negative feelings.

The fact of the matter is, you only have one life & the people you let in will help to craft the person that you will become. If you hang out with positive & happy people you will leave their company feeling positive & happy. If you hang out with negative & angry people you will leave their company feeling negative e & angry.

Meditation is an all-round positive experience, once you start to add it to your daily routine you will want to live a positive life, sometimes to do this you will need to make hard decisions, some of those decisions can involve people you have known for a very long time who perhaps leave you feeling down every time you hang out with them.

Meditation will help guide your intuition to make some of these tougher decisions, that you will need to make to live the life you really want.


A bit of doubt keeps us in check, it’s actually quite important not to be too over confident because it keeps you growing until you are a master of your chosen subject. But to doubt every move you make & not have any belief in what you do is soul destroying.

When you get in tune with your true purpose & what it is you should be doing with your life the soul destroying doubt will disappear.

Meditation helps you to tune into your true self & live the life that you should be living & when you get to this place doubt will just be a sign that you need to strengthen your skills in certain areas.

Thanks for reading this article!

I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it! I would just like to close by saying meditation is not a magic cure to all of life’s problems. It will not rid you of all your pain & suffering, it will actually do quite the opposite & help you to face your problems & find meaning out of everything that you go through in your life!

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