Who Else Wants The Secret To More Creativity, An Advanced Memory & Your Best Night’s Sleep In 10 Years?

Brand new innovative audio technology allows you to experience deep meditation in just minutes….

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Is Zen-Tracks For You?

Dear Freedom Seeker,

If you’re searching for more happiness, less stress or just a life that you can live on your own terms then Zen-Tracks will definitely be for you!

In a nut shell Zen-Tracks is an audio for anyone who wants a shortcut to experiencing all the benefits of deep meditation without the years of practice it takes to get there.

Zen-Tracks use Binaural Audio Technology to mimic the brainwaves of someone in deep relaxation. This is done by manipulating the frequencies that are played through each headphone. So all you have to do is plug in your headphones and Zen-Tracks will take care of the rest.

This music is of extremely high quality and it includes a beautiful blend of audio binaural technology, nature sounds and soothing music. Some other meditation music doesn’t incorporate the nice sounds and can be quite unpleasant to listen too. We like to make your relaxing experience easy on the ear as well as the mind.

9 Amazing Benefits Of Zen-Tracks-

  • It lets you experience deep meditation in just minutes-

    Taking you on the quickest route possible to fulfilment.

  • It will help you to feel totally alert & fully focused-

    Increasing your creativity & unlocking your true hidden potential.

  • Boosts feel good hormones like serotonin and dopamine-

    Which reduces stress & puts you in a fantastic positive mental state.

  • Allows you to create dream like states of relaxation on demand-

    Clearing the way for a totally restless relaxing good nights sleep.

  • An inner connection to your true self-

    Allowing you to follow your dreams and create the reality that you want in your life.

  • Intensifies awareness of sense and touch-

    Which helps you to express affection to your partner or loved one increasing libido & enjoyment of sexual activity.

  • Increases your inbuilt intuition-

    Which will give you the ability to spot opportunities & live your life true to yourself.

  • Helps you to access more of your brain-

    Allowing you to improve your memory, effortlessly access information and increase your brains capacity for learning.

  • A heightened sense of compassion, empathy & understanding-

    Which will increase your ability to easily resolve conflict at home with your children, partner, friends and family or at work with your co-workers and colleagues.

What You Get With Your Purchase Today-

5 Meditation tracks with a 15 minute & 30 Minute versions so you can adjust the length you listen to as you become more of a meditation pro.

Each track has a different frequency. The lower the frequency the deeper the brainwaves & meditation session

Meditation Track 1 Theta 5Hz- Deep Meditation

At this level of mind you will be taken away into a deep transcendent meditation. This level of deep relaxation is where you will heal from suffering and reprogram your mind for more positive mental states. Allowing you to melt away stress & experience deep positive meditation.

Meditation Track 2 Delta 2.5Hz- Deep Relaxation

At this level of the mind you will be primed and ready for deep relaxation. This is great to listen to before bed or after a long stressful day at work. If you manage to make it to the end of the audio without falling asleep you will be ready for a full, rejuvenating, undisturbed night of sleep.

Meditation Track 3 Gamma 40Hz- Enhanced Learning

This level of the mind will turn your brain into a super computer! Great if you need to take in and retain information, if you or your kids need to study for an exam or if you need to access your higher mental capacity that we all have in our subconscious.

Meditation track 4 Alpha 8Hz- Creativity

At this level of mind you will feel more awake and alert but still fully relaxed. You will be able to hack into your more creative side, so it’s great if you need to brainstorm ideas, create a masterpiece or find a solution to your latest problems.

Meditation track 5 Beta 15hz- Focus

Forget coffee! At this level of mind you will be fully focused and alert. Great if you need a quick pick me up in the morning before work. Just plug in your headphones and this will get your engine up and running and ready to take on the world.

This Website Is 100% Donation Based- Please Pay What You Can Afford

For Every Donation Over $10 We Will Plant A Tree In The Amazonian Rain Forest
Get Your Copy Now100% No Questions Asked 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Scientific Breakthrough Reveals The Power Of Meditation-

Now don’t just take my word for it science has pretty much caught up with what we have known for centuries and that is being mindful improves your life in many different ways.

And I would like to reveal to you 3 Meditation Studies that you will find totally fascinating -

1. It Is Better Than Sleep-

In a 2006 study, college students were asked to either sleep, meditate or watch TV. They were then tested on their alertness by being asked to hit a button every time a light flashed on a screen. The meditators did better than the nappers and TV watchers — by a whole 10 per cent.

2. It Can Prevent Psychological And Physical Illness-

Researchers at Harvard Medical School discovered that long-term practitioners of relaxation methods such as yoga and meditation have far more ”disease-fighting genes” active, compared to those who practised no form of relaxation.

3. It Grows The Brain-

Researchers at Harvard, Yale, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have found the first evidence that meditation can alter the physical structure of our brains. Brain scans they conducted reveal that experienced meditators boasted increased thickness in the part of the brain that deals with attention and processing sensory input.

There have also been studies linked with meditation and-

Overcome stress (University of Massachusetts Medical School, 2003)

Boost your creativity (ScienceDaily, 2010)

Improve your sex life and increase your libido (The Journal of Sexual Medicine, 2009)

Cultivate healthy habits that lead to weight loss (Journal Emotion, 2007)

Improve digestion and lower blood pressure (Harvard Medical School)

Decrease your risk of heart attack (The Stroke Journal, 2009)

Help overcome anxiety, depression, anger and confusion (Psychosomatic Medicine, 2009)

Decrease perception of pain and improve cognitive processing (Wake Forest University School of Medicine, 2010)

Increase your focus and attention (University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2007)

So here’s how it works-

You make your purchase from the link below and you will be sent an MP3 file. Downloadable from a private members page.

You can download this file onto your computer, add it to a CD, Ipod, Ipad, Iphone or MP3 player or any other smart device. You will have lifetime access to this page should you ever need to download it again. When listening to the audio it is advised to use headphones for maximum effect. You can listen to it without and it still sounds good and relaxing. But the technology works better when you use headphones.

So click the link below to get started right now-

This Website Is 100% Donation Based- Please Pay What You Can Afford

For Every Donation Over $10 We Will Plant A Tree In The Amazonian Rain Forest
Get Your Copy Now100% No Questions Asked 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

No Questions Asked 100% 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

This is a truly life transforming product and because we are so sure of the amazing effect it will

have on your life we are offering a full 90 day no questions asked money back guarantee. So you can

use this 90 day period almost like a trial. If in the extremely unlikely event during these 90 days

you feel like your time or money has been wasted just shoot us an email and we will give you a no

questions asked, no hassle and no gimmicks refund.

Here's Your Options-

  1. Hire an expensive meditation coach
  2. Shave your hair off and go and live in a monastery in Tibet.
  3. Go down the trial and error route and try and learn meditation on your own.
  4. Join an expensive meditation class (which you would need to attend every day to get the full benefits)
  5. Try Zen-Track out for 90 days in the comfort of your own home. With zero risk and if for any reason you do not see the results that most of our community do we will buy it back from you at the full price.

Just in case you are looking for another reason to join I will also be offering 3 amazing bonuses-

Bonus #1

Meditation Goal Setting Exercise- This is a fast and easily implemented exercise that will allow you to figure out what it is you want out of life and develop a roadmap for getting there in next to no time.

Value $27 

Bonus #2

Removing Negatives Exercise- This will give you a step by step process for figuring out what parts of your life are negatively affecting you and how you go about removing them without changing too much.

Value $27 

Bonus #3

21 Empowering Questions- I will be providing 21 empowering questions that will help you to produce jaw-droppingly-powerful-positive mental states with little effort and time.

Value $17 

This Website Is 100% Donation Based- Please Pay What You Can Afford

For Every Donation Over $10 We Will Plant A Tree In The Amazonian Rain Forest
Get Your Copy Now100% No Questions Asked 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Thanks for reading! This is Luke Miller saying you are amazing and I hope you enjoy the audios 🙂


This Website Is 100% Donation Based- Please Pay What You Can Afford

For Every Donation Over $10 We Will Plant A Tree In The Amazonian Rain Forest
Get Your Copy Now100% No Questions Asked 90 Day Money Back Guarantee